Creating Life through Dreams, Feelings, & Experiences of Purpose!

What I want to physically manifest:

Safe, semi/rural land, with house that is of maximum efficiency, supporting sustainability and permaculture methods/practices. This living abode is surrounded by open space for recreation (horseshoes, bocci, wiffleball), gardens, plant life of abundance, Trees and a creek near by. The ease of being on this property/land is welcoming and the opportunity to contribute to its glory of abundance is their for the breathing in deeply. It would almost be considered a small farm house because of the lush veggie gardens, green houses, chicken coups and other equipment that is used to tend to the land for reusing, repurposing and sharing the resources of the land. A fire pit of both ceremonial importance, as well as social place to gather and celebrate the night life is always ready for a flame!

I am open to being a Land Keeper for someone willing to share what they have. A home owner who has a vacant property or family residence that is of little use. Willing to expand an openness to create a relationship of confidence, trust and ability to believe in me to be an ideal guardian of a home not in use. I see living in/on a property to ENHANCE its upkeep and function. Leaving something in better condition then finding it, has always been my motto. I would be honored for a person or family in need of a care taker of a property to extend an offer to stay for a bit.

Community is my value and sharing what we have to offer is an amazing opportunity. What I seek is a mutual partnership with the land. To grow a diverse garden, maintain a functional yard that provides enhancement of wellness. Have eduction sessions of physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual to connect with others in and around this healing home. It is a sanctuary where their is a fire place to gather inside and a fire pit to have sacred ceremonies outside.

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The foundation of life is to create the comfort of home. I have been moving from place to place renting a lot and even owned my own house for several years as both a homeowner and landlord. I would like to connect with others on the possibility to take care of a property, perform upkeep and or maintenance while living on the land.  We currently are in Western NY State…

I bring great resources with me in my life partner Mary Ruth and my amazing son, Tristan Alexander. Tristan has been supporting a garden since he was walking and even collects rainwater like a champ! Mary is a true yard worker even though she doesn’t believe her special skill set just yet! We are a team of diverse talents and always demonstrate respect for the home and the land. We love to create a name for where we live for we have been together
at both The Cockpit and Sanctuary Junction.  Welcoming and sharing what we create is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Rising with the sun is an honor. I welcome the morning light with joy and also am open to this new opportunity to be a land keeper. I am asking for a place to call home for a little bit, I am asking for someone to be generous with their abundance of having a place to share with a family of 3 that is ever and willing to create food from the land, be kind to its resources and enhance the natural beauty! We are love and welcome the openness of another to share their extra property to get a does of Luman Love for a year or more!

I am open to be funded to build an EarthShip too!!!


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