Cultivate more ENERGY with Qi Gong to create life force of abundance!

Frequency Friday Qi Gong Series ~ November 2015

Weekly Frequency Friday broadcast with Wellness Hero:

FreqFri Qi Gong: Immediate Energy Boost!!
FreqFri Qi Gong: Yin ~Yang Balance:
FreqFri Qi Gong: 3 Main Energy Centers:

Is a person really ever to “old” to start mastering your body’s own energy? Specific Details: How to Infuse your body with ABUNDANCE of ENERGY today! People who practice Qi Gong are ABUNDANT of life force energy and vitality each day. When a person creates time to bring EASE into the body with attention and focus it becomes a POWERFUL practice. Can anyone afford not to take less than an hour of the day to CULTIVATE more ENERGY for your Body, Mind & Spirit? Being in the flow with guiding, storing and CREATING more vital life force energy called Qi (Chee) is easier then one might think! Having more MOTIVATION, POWER & INFLUENCE on positively impacting your WELLNESS can be brought into your life with gentle, easy movements. The cultivation of MORE ENERGY is what allows HARMONY to be brought in to the body through basic moving and breathing. Today, has 3 amazing opportunities to influence your life by cultivating more energy. Feeling a boost of energy both NOW and LATER is what I offer anyone today! Qi Gong provides meditation and FITNESS combined with breathing. This ancient Chinese practice of developing and bring in more energy through EASE of moving will start to change anyone’s life for the good! IMG_6427 Beginners & avid Qi Gong practitioners will find the Wellness Hero has developed a style of connection to our inner self, where power of clarity through Qi (Energy) is the primary focus of each session. Movement by movement, Wellness Hero leads others to be HEART CENTERED with also focusing on releasing through the BREATH and moving in & out this LIFE FORCE ENERGY. After only 45 minutes of a Qi Gong session with the Wellness Hero a person can expect: Deeper connection to your body, mind and spirit A boost to enhance Spiritual Health, a key component to optimal WELLNESS! Develop more circulation in ALL 13 (Major) Joints of the body! An opening up & releasing old “stagnant” energy within, through and around the body! Feeling & listening to your own body’s messages, also known as signs and symptoms! Discovering how Qi movement for only a few minutes will make positive shifts in your DAY!

om & make payment for Qi Gong session to Also, email Wellness Hero to confirm your payment AND DATE/TIME of class you would like to register for. 2. After confirmation of payment & date/time of session, a direct link will be emailed to you and this will have your private login for the Qi Gong session you registered for. 3. Be sure to check your phone, tablet or computer for compatibility with using GoToMeetings Webinar software. It is best to check your settings an hour before the session to know you will not have any ‘updates or downloads’ to perform. 4. Be sure to create a space that is FREE of distractions, have some WATER with you & always go at your own pace while listening to your body! Learn more about Qi Gong with Wellness Hero:  What Happens from Qi Gong…WOW!!!



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