Create more ENERGY immediately & keep some for later too!!!

Today it is possible to IMMEDIATELY feel better! No matter what what feelings have been lingering from the weekend, even that physical tension in your neck or back! Stress & Anxiety can be soothed and shifted back to where you FEEL BALANCED! What if I could show you some basic movements that created an EASE sensation all through out your body? A simple way to enhance your WELLNESS for harnessing the energy from within!
Ever want to know a few, simple ways to just BOOST focus, clarity and ENERGY? What if it is possible and it could be done anywhere, no matter what time of the day and it WORKS 100%!

My son loves when I say 100%, because he knows it will happen, without a single doubt!

To truly feel better, we have to take ACTION. Optimal WELLNESS is not for those who are lucky, yet increasing ENERGY is about being in the flow and using this focus to enhance vitality! It takes an ACTION to create the energy and I am willing to share how to do this TODAY!

This is an amazing OPPORTUNITY to learn how to develop the MINDFULNESS of MEDITATION and apply it to easy, gentle flowing movements that influence the body’s energy fields in POSITIVE ways!

Creating EASE, BALANCE, HARMONY by listening to the 13 major joints of YOUR BODY and aligning the focus of awareness to just BE in the flow. Breathing, moving and focusing directly on you, CONNECTS the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT! From the privacy of your own home, your can learn to practice this AMAZING self energizing technique. Create the ease you want to FEEL with gentle movements of being in the flow!

The Wellness Hero guides his Qi Gong infused movements sets to be both INTERNAL (Heart Center focus) and EXTERNAL (movement focus). Practicing Qi Gong is an opportunity to be more PRESENT and in CONTROL of the energy that is in, around and through the body..

Payment is made via to & in message choose class time

What to expect? This is an online webinar via gotomeetings and is easy to do from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere! Have some water, be ready to infuse your body with relaxing focus and be in a space clear of distractions.

3 Qi Gong sets of focus along with grounding meditation at beginning and closing of session.

1. Internal 2. External 3. Synchronize by Infusing both.

Bonus Today: Healing Sound with Practice to BOOST Organ Function for LIVER

Email: for class WEBINAR LINK & more details.IMG_6427



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