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FTW and the QEG family is proud to announce the publishing of our first QEG ebook! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for everyone out there who is interested in the QEG!  -Hope

New 3d Book PicHow to Build An Energy Efficient & Potentially Fuel-less Generator

A 10-week beginner’s course on building an efficient switched reluctance generator was taught online, and is now available for the first time in an eBook!


Two years of clean energy research has led to the open source (PATENT FREE!) development of this generator. Designed and backed by 50 years of combined engineering experience, you will be inspired to arrive at an understanding of reluctance generators and how to build one, as this eBook has bridged the gap for the layman and engineer.

We call this Generator the…
qeg pic

The QEG is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented…

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