Grass to Organic Garden, Upcycling & Gardening, Planting Food

IMG_4843Growing food is an amazing process and experiencing the flavors from bounty through this labor of love can yield a better understanding of what food actually is.  Cultivating the land is a human right.  Getting the hands to move the earth creates a deeper connection to the planet that provides us all that we could ever need.  In 2015 I have progressed with my yard farm (aka garden) and planting for my #GrasstoGarden series @ #TreeFortGarden in Rochester, NY.

This is one of several previews to the main documentary that is being created.  Let me know what y’all think? Ask questions and share too if you like what you see happening.  Its about the process of stating with a lawn space and transforming it to a place of healing and gathering.

New for 2015:

UpCycling Items:  Rain Barrel, Lots of Wood (parts of chairs, pallets, arbor, random pieces), Stone and much more!

Food:  Herbs, Fruits, Veggies…more details about each plant will be shared.  So, please subscribe to get more updates!

Veggie Stand:  My lil man is starting to share our abundance of organic produce with the neighbors.  We will be making signs and a stand to attract others who support knowing where their food is grown.

A special thanks to Sue & Dick Lucchesi for their unlimited support for donating tools, time, much mulch and compost (424)!!

Stay tuned as many more post will be released to share in the abundance of the growing process!  Nameste.

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