HUGE Incomming Solar Energy, and how to stay grounded.

Happy Summer Solstice y’all……so the Sun has been very active the past several days and right now Earth’s shield is taking a beating: Real Time Solar Energy Output Updates and we have more Solar Energy on the way!  The idea is that energy flows down into our bodies via our crown chakra and if not channeled through various types of physical activities, the body will often create blockages of pain.  Joints, Headaches, Emotions, Tension, Anxiety and many others alignments are felt by the body.

The focus behind using Qi Gong is to be relaxed, bring in EASE and release TENSION, STRESS, & ANXIETY in the body & mind. Using Qi Gong allows a person to be in the present moment to listen, feel & guide your energy (Qi) with focus, breathing and moving. An amazing connection is created through this moving journey within, through, and around the body.  Qi Gong allows anyone to breathe in RELAXATION and exhale what no longer serves the body, mind or spirit.

Support your Spiritual Health:  Qi Gong Sessions bring in EASE, learn it here!

Qi Gong translates from Chinese to mean Energy Cultivation. When practicing Qi Gong a person will learn more about the bodies energy systems and how to provide healing focus. The flow created and feeling the sensations of moving Qi (Energy) can be felt each session. Applying Qi Gong both immediately and over time, allows a person to bring focus in developing mindfulness of energy within, through, and around the body.IMG_6883

A Qi Gong session with the Wellness Hero provides synchronized visualization, guided breathing & flowing movements to focus on Spiritual Health while enhancing overall WELLNESS. Engaging Qi Gong style movements can bring a person to their inner wisdom for developing a relationship with the body, mind & spirit. Listening to our body’s signs, symptoms, and signals for where and how our energy flows align with practicing Qi Gong.

The Wellness Hero delivers Qi Gong infused healing/moving sessions that direct attention to all the major joints of the body. The major organs of the body receive healing energy too! HEALING is created from the EASE of moving and breathing in HARMONY. Qi Gong is ideal for ANYONE, at any stage of their life, especially those who desire to focus on FEELING BETTER!  Join the Wellness Hero from any where to practice LIVE Qi Gong Infused Movements!

Qi Gong provides gentle, guided movements allowing a person to practice BALANCE, COORDINATION, STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY. The mindfulness from a few minutes of Qi Gong can make a huge difference in a person’s health and wellness. Qi Gong is a movement style to support the natural way of being all day long without the effort.

Modifications to ALL movements can accommodate limited range of motions or disabilities in any of the joints. As with any physical activity, a person should listen to their inner guidance when engaged in exercise.

ACTION TIME (HAT) – Qi Gong for Balancing & Boosting Vitality!!

Sign up via email for ONLINE Qi Gong Sessions with the Wellness Hero from wherever you are!

June 22nd in Rochester, NY & via GooglePlus Hangout I am offering a FREE Session for ALL to practice grounding techniques!


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