Autumnal Equinox Energies align with Holy Fire Reiki, DNA Activations on Mt. Shasta!

We are approaching a balancing point on Earth soon, as the Autumnal Equinox is approaching on September 23rd 2015. The season shift is a sacred time of year, no matter where you are at on the planet someone near you is celebrating with diverse ceremonies; yes, this is happening all across the globe next month! These special gatherings have always shared in an abundance harvest and to focus with being in balance as the cosmos bring in equal day (Light/Yin) and night (DARK/Yang). Many also feel a calling from within to do the same, to be in balance, harmony and flow with daily life.

People are empowered from within to bring anew approach as the Equinox is aligning. Choosing healthier daily habits, exploring the outdoors, embracing what the fall season has to offer each one of us individually. Some even feel a strong calling to enhance the connection to align the body, mind & spirit. An amazing opportunity now exists for those who feel a calling and are guided to learn more about universal life force energy that is within, through & around us all.

Higher vibrations are available all across this planet right now. The key is to focus and tune into what frequencies vibe with your soul’s purpose. Learning, practicing & using universal life force energy is an awesome tool to be guided too. Reiki healing energy is an ancient practice from Japan that dates back over 10,000 years. This special healing modality can be used, any where, at any time and anyone can do it.

Healing Retreat on Mt Shasta Details

The time has come for many to fill the calling of healing their own body, mind & soul to connect as one. Using & applying simple body/mind awareness techniques a person will shift their life forever, no matter what their career choice. A certification in using Reiki Energy can shift a person’s understanding of how to achieve optimal wellness and how to connect to those around you in a more love based approach.

Reik I, II and Holy Fire Reiki Master classes will be taught in conjunction with Qi Gong Infused Movements and DNA Activations. A unique opportunity exists during the week of September 23rd-28th where all these energy practices align together in one place! Immersion in Abundance is taking place on Mt. Shasta, CA during the week of the Autumnal Equinox, Full Moon & Full Lunar Eclipse (Blood/Violet Moon). Join this powerful journey, get certified in Reiki and create abundance from your SOUL all during this super charged cosmic event!

Follow the Laws of the Golden Liquid Realms…

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