Full Moon Energy ~ Super Moon ~ Summer Solstice Finale

IMG_6991The Summer season has been AWESOMENESS during August (still is!!!). The opportunity to expand, share & connect our LIGHT/SOUL Energy has been provided in abundance of diverse ways by both Divine Feminine of Gaia in Harmonic Universe-3 & Divine Masculine from the cosmos above. For right now, the flow of the universe is synching up again for this SUPER FULL MOON to culminate the crazy eights of August! It is time once again to manifest in alignment with harnessing the Law of Attraction to celebrate bliss, joy, happiness, peace & oneness that comes with the LIGHT of the FULL MOON!

The final FULL MOON of this Solstice lays the foundation for what will be both personally & globally created all during the Autumnal Equinox of 2015 (Northern Hemisphere on Gaia). What are you creating with your Divine Power? Heart centered manifestations are what this SUPER MOON can support all of us on right NOW! Apply your heart felt desires and dreams through creating them in harmony with the abundance that is in the air all around us! Write & Speak what you are creating, document your desires to access more energy support from those around you!

Celebrate this beautiful LIGHT of the FULL MOON in how it FEELS best for you! Be LIMITLESS, write down your dreams, sing the song of your PURPOSE, LIGHT up your Rainbow Bridge of abundance and embody the multi-dimensional being that you are! Shine your SOUL LIGHT for the MOON is here to illuminate the way!

How to create more with this Super Moon: Super Full Moon ~ Holy Fire Manifestation = LIVE Event Link

What are you doing for the Autumnal Equinox? Opportunity Knocks to Raise your Vibration!     Blood Moon ~ Immersion in Abundance Link


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