Ascension heart centered consciousness for Autumnal Equinox, final Full Moon Eclipse 2015

With the flow of NEW energies upon Earth/Tara/Gaia at this time, it is very beneficial to allow the awareness of the mind to feel, absorb & integrate ALL the NEW possibilities within your mind. So, what have you been thinking about?  The Galatic Center Sun has been active!

Your life as you know it is currently shifting into a new realm of higher frequency energy. Heart centered (4th dimension of frequency) vibrations are at the center of the ascension process.  Many have already chosen to embody these loving energies and be love based.  This energy is coming from the universe, with a more specific aspect of our Sun & Earth taking on its new dynamic AGE as the procession of the zodiac continues on its 26,000 year cycle.

I am here to support others during this magnificent time of CHANGE. I am awake & gaining consciousness everyday. If you feel you are experiencing new sensations within your body’s systems and would like more guidance, contact me via email to gain support on being your TRUE essence of YOU! I work with healing energy from source and can support many healing modalities on the human body.


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