Autumnal Equinox Live/Online Healing Session (Free)

Equinox: Live from Mt. Shasta
The equinox is a day that has equal amounts of sunshine and nighttime. It is the day that the sun crosses the equator. It is a day of equality and balance.

Come join Will and Brian Wednesday, September 23 at high noon PDT, live from Mt. Shasta, on Google Hangouts for hour or so where we discuss the equinox, equality, and balance. Come feel the energy of Mt. Shasta combined with the Holy Fire! We will do some exercises to bring more balance into your lives. We will also do a 10-minute Holy Fire meditation experience where the Holy Fire can help us understand better.

The Holy Fire will ensure a safe and natural place for you to have your experience. It will also remove barriers to facilitate open and healthy communication.

Allow yourself to explore this with Mt. Shasta and the Holy Fire on Wednesday.

– Greetings and introductions
– Overview of Reiki, the Reiki Ideals, the Holy Fire, and the Three Heavens
– Difference between meditation and a Holy Fire experience
– Mt. Shasta: why we are here
– Brian and Will talk the equinox, equality, and balance
– Open discussion about the equinox, equality, and balance
– I facilitate a 2-minute visualization
– The Holy Fire takes you on an individual experience
– After about 10-minutes, I’ll bring you back
– Write about your experience in your journal or type it online
– We take turns sharing whatever anyone wishes
– Blessings and closing

See you Wednesday! Live from Mt. Shasta!

Check out when it is happening in your time zone:

Will Mitchell
Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
Rochester, NY

Brian Lucchesi
Wellness Hero
Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
Golden DNA Facilitator
Qi Gong Infusion Instructor

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