New Moon 10.12.15 ~ Water Wisdom with Wellness Hero

Exemplify Trust & Love who you are with this Super Lunar (NEW) Spiritual Energy.

I personally learned back in 2013 that to embody my LIGHT & be the ultimate me, that I would align my life with the Lunar Calendar. The 13 Full & New Moons in a “traditional” calendar year are how I hold myself accountable to the TRUTH of what I want to create in my life. The feelings to have these cosmic checks and balances, is in alignment more with my SOUL CONTRACT.

Now it continues in a new format, how I choose to share what NEW MOON ENERGY can do for us ALL personally and collectively. I love how the Lunar Cycle creates these awesome patterns of presenting a unification of the cosmic energies from heaven above. What I like to refer to as the Divine Masculine Energy. Right now this message finds you in perfect synchronicity to create more with the Moon too!

Be brave, as we embody heart centered consciousness, a place within to be the embodiment of pure TRUST & LOVE as this anew is brought down by the dark of the moon. As we know the ocean tides are effected by the Moon’s powerful grasp on water itself.

This NEW MOON has a focus of Water Wisdom, for creating anew LIGHT Body and to expand your energy field!

Namaste Wellness Hero


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