11.1 so an Angel named Tristan arrived.

IMG_8118The power of the angels to influence the physical is awesome!  I am truly blessed to be writing this from my heart center as I feel the angels within, through & around me at this time.  Today, 11.1.15 is my son’s 8th trip around our star we call the Sun.  We are in a year 8 and he turned 8, with knowing 8 represents ABUNDANCE.

The synchronicity of life is communicated through the numbers one – nine and when the body, mind & soul are aligned we see this connection.  The triplicate of a number is a powerful message, like Tristan’s birth aligning with 11.1 & mine adding to 777 (5.2.77).  I am honored and grateful to have my teacher as my lil man.  I am proud of how he shines his light & for his beauty in how he teaches me more about LOVE then I ever dreamed.  To be guiding this SOUL is beyond a privilege and honor as his dad.  And to think that at age 7 he asked me to teach him Reiki, this was after at age 6 he was invoking the Violet Flame…ah the amazingness of expanding our limitless possibilities…


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