New Moon Manifestation ~ Applying the Law of Attraction

The approaching the New MOON in October 2015 brings everyone on the planet an amazing WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY.

New Moon Channeling by Wellness Hero on 11.11: 

Aligning energies create it as being the year of ACTION, so it’s time to once again synch up with the Law of Attraction, Universal Healing I AM Energy, Reiki Holy Fire for MANIFESTING any heart felt desire (s) in your life. Creating from the heart center and practicing ABUNDANCE requires daily attention of energy. The New MOON in OCT provides the perfect alignment to be apart of a GLOBAL EVENT for being your Divine Light that you are!

11.11 Wellness Wed Wisdom Channeling:

Join the Wellness Hero and Reiki with Will as they will lead a FREE & LIVE New Moon Manifestation Healing Session using the Law of Attraction, Reiki Holy Fire and sharing physical tools on how to create AWESOMENESS!  JOIN HERE:

All to often I hear, “I am not sure how to work with this Lunar Energy?” Taking ACTION is a must and this opportunity allows all who participate NOW to synch up with Universal enhanced POWER! Connecting and creating harmonized energy signatures under the New Moon darkness 11.11.15, join us either physically in Rochester, NY or globally online @ 8:30 EST (NY)!

Be your LIGHT, practice your POWER, embody your soul, Nameste.


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