News for Optimal Wellness (N.O.W.) Report, Wellness Truth Finally Series

News for Optimal Wellness (NOW) Weekly with Wellness Hero

November 9th – Friday the 13th Week of Events…..

This is the medicine of the future
Are you breathing AIR or LIFE FORCE ENERGY?
Are you creating EASE or DISease with your thoughts?
Are you HAPPY or ANGRY?

NOW is a weekly summary of engagements for increasing your vibration, receiving soul messages, engaging healthy practices, connecting to your highest self…These are ACTIONABLE Videos to be applied both NOW and in a future now. Time to engage your own self and create a few moments to ENHANCE the energy of your HUEmanBEING of the Chakra Energy System.

How to connect? The Wellness Truth Finally (WTF) Series has many FREE opportunities:

11.9 Movement Monday Madness: High Intensity Interval Training (ROC, NY) ~ Get grounded and balance with Wellness Hero! Starts at 6pm EST (NY) and is for 20 minutes of muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance & cardio-respitory endurance. This is physical meet up, (email Brian for location) in Rochester, NY

11.11 Wellness Wednesday Channeling: This is a LIVE youtube broadcast where we all connect to our highest self (soul energy) for divine messages of love to support our high vibrating energy signatures. The Wellness Hero channels his Rishi Frequency Identity to connect SOURCE LIGHT on a specific focus each week at 6:30 AM EST (NY). Their is guided breathing, personal empowerment messages, & a raising the vibration of the thought forms that are being created from that week’s focus.

Lunar Cycle Celebration: NEW MOON Manifestation with Wellness Hero & Reiki with Will. This event occurs monthly and is always synchronized with the DARKNESS of the New Moon. A live youtube broadcast (Reiki with Will YouTube Channel) & googleplus hangout is created for maximum participation with sharing! Be guided into a Reiki Holy Fire Meditation, Manifest with the Law of Attraction and connect with

11.13 Frequency Friday Qi Gong: Cultivate more ENERGY for both now & store in chakras for later. Another weekly occurring Wellness Truth Finally Series where the Wellness Hero demonstrates a new energy boosting move to increase the flow of LIFE FORCE within, through & around the body. Each video expands upon the last and introduces a NEW way to enhance the FOCUS of your day in less then 5 minutes!!!

I am honored we have the opportunity to connect and engage the awesomeness of the ENERGY that we are. Its time to celebrate life more abundantly and explore the LIMITLESS abilities that we ALL have. Movement Monday, Wellness Wednesday & Frequency Friday are all about UNIQUE, diverse ways to celebrate the Multi-Dimensional LIGHT beings we are.

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