Wellness Wed Wisdom Channeling

Wellness Wednesday Wisdom Channeling via Wellness Hero: This is a LIVE youtube broadcast where we all connect to our highest self (soul energy) for divine messages of love to support our high vibrating energy signatures. The Wellness Hero channels his Rishi Frequency Identity (15th Dimensional Frequency) to connect SOURCE LIGHT on a specific focus each week at 6:30 AM EST (NY). Their is guided breathing, personal empowerment messages, & a raising the vibration of the thought forms that are being created from that week’s focus.

New: Heart Centered Consciousness

I am honored we have the opportunity to connect and engage the awesomeness of the ENERGY that we are. Its time to celebrate life more abundantly and explore the LIMITLESS abilities that we ALL have. Movement Monday, Wellness Wednesday & Frequency Friday are all about UNIQUE, diverse ways to celebrate the Multi-Dimensional LIGHT beings we are.


#WellnessHero #BrianLucchesi #WellnessTruthFinally #WTFseries #FrequencyFridayQiGong #WellnessWedWisdom #Channeling #Chakra #Healing #LifeForce #Energy #QiGong


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