Heart Centered Consciousness.

As we all settled into the Aquarian Age of life on Gaia in 5th dimensional frequencies of energy I have been called to shed more LIGHT.  To do this I created a weekly channeling session (& made it public) to bring in more divine connection to SOURCE.

Wellness Wednesday Wisdom is part of the Wellness Truth Finally series by Wellness Hero! This recurring LIVE broadcast is every WED AM (NY, EST) and is to engage all of our ENERGY to Raise the vibration of what we are. Feeling the channeling energy from this session often creates one to receive a Soul message by Connect to your highest self identity!

Full Moon Channeling ~ How Karma is CREATED, Wellness Truth Finally

 Full Moon ~ Wellness Wed Wisdom ~ Heart Energy

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SHARE to imprint your DNA on the digital world to create more AWESOMENESS!


Click the following to connect to News for Optimal Wellness (NOW):

Last Week’s Wellness Wed Wisdom 11.18.15: https://youtu.be/f912Ht53ceo

Last Week’s Frequency Friday 11.20.15: https://youtu.be/PGZ8voVbbOM

Frequency Friday Qi Gong (Energy Boost): https://youtu.be/p6VIPP8BlSA

Wellness Wednesday Wisdom 11.11 @ 6:30am (NY) : https://youtu.be/8bOSVmwqzlI
NEW Moon Special Channeling on 11.11 @ 9am LINK https://youtu.be/nd6P0iNynro
Past Well Wed Wisdom/Channel: (DNA Support): https://youtu.be/yqpGHLZ24hY

Special NEW MOON Channeling for 11.11 ~ Soul Connection/Energy Communication

Learn more about Wellness Wed Wisdom Channeling by Brian.: https://wellnesshero.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/wellness-wed-wisdom-channeling/

I am the Wellness Hero to enhance life on this planet through conscious, connected actionable content. DNA work is my connection to what is TRUE healing and living a life of abundance. Sharing my WTF Education Series & Divine DNA Education is my life’s work. I am honored you have found your self on my channel and while you are here LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to be connected, nameste!

How to connect to True Healing with DNA…http://wellnesshero.biz

Follow Me for Updates: https://twitter.com/Wellness_Hero

Time to connect by Liking Me on the Wellness Hero Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wellness-Hero/228984167147541

Where I write & share https://wellnesshero.wordpress.com/


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