The Etheric Body, Life Force Energy.

The physical body is supported by an abundance of Life Force Energy. This powerful frequency of vibrating energy is the repository of the Etheric Body and it is living LIGHT! Energy centers of the body are associated with the vital organs, as well as the colors of the rainbow.IMG_2413

The Etheric Body Life Force is within, through and around the physical body and is often called by many names in various cultures. Libido, Prana, Chi, Qi, Xi, are all representing this amazing energy that interacts with the physical body in alignment with the laws of nature. How physical beings move this FORCE is via the BREATH. Moving what often has been called “Soul or Spirit” is the primary source of how energy is integrated into the complex systems of the human body. Etheric energy is the foundation of organic life, in ALL forms. The Physical does not exist without the behind the scenes “work” of this life force energy we often call simply as “air.”

When the Etheric body expands, meaning the energy field is growing for it is “in tune” with all the natural laws, like law of cause and effect (Karma). Basically we have an energy body that supports physical life and through this vital interaction the ENERGY forms patterns of FLOW that are in main energy centers (Chakras). With a synching up of the Body, Mind & Spirit is how the Etheric Body continues to grow and vibrate at a higher resonance. Because of the direct relationship with the ENERGY and the BODY, when the life force grows, the body equally takes on “more light” as the Chakra Energy System is flowing smoothly with the universe around it.

3 Main Energy Centers of Body

Alternative medicine such as DNA, Reiki, Qi Gong, alternative healing and homeopathic modalities directly work with the Etheric Body. Typically, western medicine not only works to “cure” (reactive), but only focuses on the PHYSICAL body & ignores the vitality relationship of Spiritual Health.

If any energy channels are blocked the direct relationship to the physical will create dis-EASE, the person will most likely be in pain and the emotional state of the person can often be disconnected from the true nature of what is taking place in the energy field (aura). All disease, injury, illness of human health is about the strength of the Etheric Body. Basically we have a body of energy that permeates the physical body, giving it sustenance, wellness and vitality, without which the physical body could not be alive.

Use your LIFE Force wisely, stay hydrated and live enthusiastically!

Wellness Hero


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