Frequency Friday ~ Ball of Energy!!!

I am honored we have the opportunity to connect and engage the awesomeness of the ENERGY that we are. Its time to celebrate life more abundantly and explore the LIMITLESS abilities that we ALL have. Spiritual Sun Stretching, Wellness Wednesday Wisdom (Channeling) & Frequency Friday Qi Gong are all about UNIQUE, diverse ways to celebrate the Multi-Dimensional LIGHT beings we are! Actionable LIGHT to apply right in the here & NOW (News for Optimal Wellness):

Frequency Friday Qi Gong ~ Ball of Energy Energy Move of the Week!!!

Frequency Friday Qi Gong: Cultivate more ENERGY for both now & store in chakras centers for later. Another weekly occurring Wellness Truth Finally Series where the Wellness Hero demonstrates a new energy boosting move to increase the flow of harmony, balance & rejuvenation! Each video expands upon the last and introduces a NEW way to enhance the FOCUS of your day in less then 5 minutes!!!

Join me each week on youtube as I broadcast LIVE each Friday around 10:30 am EST (NY) on Wellness Hero: Video Series LINK


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