News for Optimal Wellness (NOW Report) via Wellness Hero for Dec 2015

Engaging energy from your HEART CENTER allows the flow of the LIFE FORCE to be more abundant and that is what Wellness Hero is all about! NOW is the best day of my life for creating FREE, actionable content to individually and collectively raise the vibration of the planet. Frequency of thought forms are generated from higher energy centers when engaging the multi-dimensional being that we are. Being Human is wonderful, and my purpose is to shed more LIGHT on how to express your own TRUE FEELINGS of EASE, BALANCE, JOY, BLISS & HAPPINESS. Enhancing daily life on this planet, one conscious love based thought at a time.

ACTION packed DEC 2015

Auric & Karmic Education Sessions Diving right in to the core of Feelings in order to bring balance to the Life Force. Aura & Karma are major players in the Divine Right Order of the Universe, so see how these power players can align with your life’s desires to release what no longer serves you!

Reiki I & II level classes will be taught by Wellness Hero right after Winter Solstice 12.22-12.24
Bring in more LIGHT during truly the darkest 3 days of the Norther Hemisphere. This is a KEY OPPORTUNITY to balance individual energy & expand upon

3 Weekly reoccurring FREE video engagements

Spiritual Sunday Stretching: Spiritual & Physical Health Fusion ~ Get grounded and balance with Wellness Hero as this self-empowering flexibility session is all about EASE, BALANCE, FLOW & BREATH! This is a LIVE youtube broadcast where participation is a must, so have a glass of water with you & connect with Wellness Hero every Sunday for a new episode of Spiritual Sunday Stretching!

Wellness Wednesday Channeling: This is a LIVE youtube broadcast where we all connect to our highest self (soul energy) for divine messages of love to support our high vibrating energy signatures. The Wellness Hero channels his Rishi Frequency Identity to connect SOURCE LIGHT on a specific focus each week at 6:30 AM EST (NY). Their is guided breathing, personal empowerment messages, & a raising the vibration of the thought forms that are being created from that week’s focus.

Frequency Friday Qi Gong: Cultivate more ENERGY for both now & store in chakras for later. Another weekly occurring Wellness Truth Finally Series where the Wellness Hero demonstrates a new energy boosting move to increase the flow of LIFE FORCE within, through & around the body. Each video expands upon the last and introduces a NEW way to enhance the FOCUS of your day in less then 5 minutes!!!


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