12.25.15 Full Moon

IMG_3533A “to do” list into a “to done” list.

Here is how….

Create an intention of what you want to accomplish..I come up with ideas that are most important to me, I look to my habits I enjoy, routines and goals..


In the past I use to make in the moment “to do” list that had very little organization…now I create basically the same thing with a new name & better functionality w/ specific clarity. They continually empower me to keep going, accept what is more then I can handle into the time I allotted and supports where I want to be if BIG distractions come into play. The list is ongoing and a process to create and keep creating.

I find it best to create ALL 3 time periods, not to be all time driven, but be accountable to myself for what I want to do and allowing my purpose to be fulfilled each day, week and month, then reflect on what is working and what new serves me now to move on to.

All in all, I no longer have a “to do” list, but a “done” list for once it is created by writing it down in this new support system, well the universe will take care of it. Basically I have created a better attitude to my daily to do list that I simply loved checking things off of, sometimes even creating them after I did things to “feel” better.

The Lunar Cycle is what I have chosen to align with for creating my calendar. Often I do not resonate with using, referencing or measuring TIME. Allowing a natural cycle of NEW and FULL Moon patterns is more in alignment with my soul rhythm, so I engage in energy harnessing practice all during the Lunar Cycle.


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