Answering WHY, its Co-Creating my dear one.

Humans need to know the why, its a crazy thing with us and I feel this simple explanation will provide a quality answer. The WHY? It is simply because the universe (which we are an intricate part of) was directed to create it that way because of the energy we the people are putting out from our human systems (heart, brain, body activity). We are co-creating the WHY in all of our NOW moments.IMG_8831

It may seem like a general answer, but the truth of the matter is every answer has a level of hierarchy or consciousness. Since reality is true for all living beings & that reality is different for all living beings it can get tricky to understand that their are infinite possibilities in every single moment. Moving up a level is what I like to call it, taking things up to the next level may seem like creating a more general blanketed answer, but the truth in the general answer gives the exact specifics in basic form. Its tied in together, connect in a way that is just as powerful. OF course to the observer looking for the answer WHY, may not have created the consciousness to full understand not only how the LARGER (up on level) perspective is. The why is we are co-creators, we ALL have a GOD-self and our consciousness allows us to create our experience of HUMAN feelings.

Many times, analogy or comparison are required for further explanation of the WHY. The highest level of consciousness is to answer it is Universal Law and to most humans who are not connected to themselves just might not understand, comprehend or more importantly apply these energies with their focus, yet allow those around us to create what we feel is REAL. If you are not creating your paradigm of understanding with infinite possibilities then someone else is and you are believing what that person or society (which I am too) is creating. You can create part time or full time, with the LofA always giving back what you are putting out.

The, ‘why’ of is it this way, is because we have ALL decided it to be this way, is it not wonderful? Life on this planet is amazing, it is beautiful and to feel that from what you see in the 3-D,,,, we all can unify and create feelings in tune with higher dimensions of experience, the infinite land of possibilities is limitless energy!


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