Spiritual Sun Stretching ~ Full Body Flexibility w/ LIFE FORCE ENERGY!

Dynamic stretching is a unique way to move the body & bring in more balance to the joints and muscles. These are easy moves to do at any time.

Watch every Sun as a new way to breath in the spirit is shared to support raising the vibration within, through and around the body.

Spiritual Sun Stretching,

11.29.15 ~ Neck, Shoulders, Back Ease: https://youtu.be/uCOWXr2Bc94

12.6.15 ~ Dynamic Movements, Hips/Shoulders Flow: https://youtu.be/avU4RioLjWA

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Click the following to connect to more by Wellness Hero = News for Optimal Wellness (NOW):https://youtu.be/j9jjwY_m4Ik

Nov 2015 NOW Report: https://youtu.be/FLwGxQ7kUhs


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