Winter Solstice 2015, Expanding LIGHT Bodies, Multi-Dimensional Beings

IMG_0810Winter Solstice – December 20-22 Return of the Sun LIGHT

On the shortest day of the year it is time to celebrate the return of the Sun. Happy 12.21.15 & Happy Solstice to our Mother Gaia, yes this is an Earth Holiday!!! So as we transition onto 22nd, 23rd & 24th the Sun’s angle upon the Northern Hemisphere does not change, we go into 3 days of “darkness” as the Solstice indicates. Then on the 25th something AMAZING happens, the Sun rises for the 1st time in Solstice with anew LIGHT! This is in the cosmos (where Divine Masculine Energy arises). Now look up & with locating the 3 STARS in the constellation ORINE’s belt, this creates a line up or “pointer” directly inline to bring attention to a specific place; SIRIUS, the brightest star in the Eastern sky, which also lines up with the new spot the SUN WILL RISE a few degrees higher to welcome more LIGHT!

Ground your Energy w/ Qi Gong!!!

Ancient people had no certainty that the days would not continue to get shorter and shorter, darker and darker. We give thanks to the Sun on this day – that it has warmed us, kept our path lit, and nourished the plants that feed us. In some Native American cultures all the fires in the village would be extinguished and only an ember of the central sacred fire would be used to rekindle all the hearths. We gather to acknowledge moving into the darkest places within ourselves to find the seeds of light for the new cycle. Stories are told to call the Sun back and cosmic energies are renewed for the North.

Solstice has a shift unlike any other & representing the only time in the wobble of the Earths axis where darkness stands still for 3 days on a profound level, only to yield to a cosmic sign that MORE LIGHT will come on the 25th of December!

Not since 1977 has a FULL MOON reflected the Sun’s LIGHT at NIGHT! Yes dear one’s the Full Moon is on this amazing day & an opportunity is here….

Namaste & Live enthusiastically,
Wellness Hero


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