3 researched links govt control, #OregonunderAttack #FederalReserve

3 LINKS to follow here. Educated yourself is a must to connect the dots on what is taking place from the BIGGEST picture. I am consciousness, so I have made this easy as 1 Click Here 1st!: https://youtu.be/rpkm6iSd–c . if you want to know more about ‪#‎OregonunderAttack‬ then continuing the learning is a must & connect w/ #2 & why the minerals on these lands are being taken from many Citizens all over the US & not just in ‪#‎OR‬ Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind The Federal Reserve for our gov’t works for this BANK. We as people owe nothing to this debt slavery system, yet most in the US act as if we do. I am sovereign & I feel way to passionate about my FREEDOM to not speak up about the BEHIND THE SCENES of what has taken place here, I do research, I am a veteran & I am sharing the truth I have uncovered. Focus here is on the BIG PICTURE, not some main stream short minded, disconnected from what’s under the ground. ‪#‎SpreadLove‬ not ‪#‎FEAR‬ (False Evidence Appearing Real).



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