Journey to Freedom, Observing the Frontier, Raising the Vibration!!!

I am excited to be taking Wellness Hero brand on the road to Observing the Frontier driving over 4K miles all over the US!!! An amazing adventure of a road trip from NY to AZ will officially launch on the trail January 24th 2016 from Rochester, NY. I look forward to sharing my energy signature each day as I create an abundance of AWESOMENESS. Messages of love, connection, HUGS, Qi Gong, sharing Reiki and ultimately RAISING THE VIBRATION within, through and around where I am.

Follow the perspective of Wellness Hero as we all co-create each day! This is my view and this is how I am engaging the energy of opportunity! I am trending it to be #JourneytoFreedom so if you are feeling the LOVE, tag that to what you are engaging too! Together we can create a force of what our own unique FREEDOM is! I am the Wellness Hero, my name is Brian and I am honored w/ GRATITUDE to share my journey of shining my RAINBOW bridge of CHAKRA LIGHT!!! NAMASTE y’all 🙂

Instagram: @WellnessHero_
Twitter: @Wellness_Hero
Youtube: Wellness Hero Channel

#JourneytoFreedom #WellnessHeroReiki #WellnessHeroQigong #WellnessHero #BrianLucchesi #ObservingtheFrontier #OTF #Gratitude #Freedom #RainbowBridge #Love #Joy #Happiness #Oneness


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