Observing the Frontier via Suspicious 0bservers, behind the scenes…

I am vlogging all during Observing the Frontier conference in Phoenix AZ Jan 30/31 2016. Ben Davidson (Suspicious 0bserver) & I connected on Day 1 & 2 during my #JourneytoFreedom to support his #ObservingtheFrontier.

The drive from Rochester, NY to Phoenix, AZ has over 2 hours of vlogging this EPIC road trip of awesomeness.  I have connected with other Suspicious 0bservers along the way & I am stoked about sharing this special footage with the community.

I will be sharing behind the scenes video coverage during OTF, along with key interviews with the main players making this happen. The community will get a unique Wellness Hero perspective as we all raise our vibration together.

I will be sharing my crystals, reiki & qi gong knowledge with all who ask during the conference. I am connecting the energy into the physical and raising the vibration of Observing the Frontier as WE ALL CREATE AWESOMENESS TOGETHER!


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