Observing the Frontier w/ Suspicious 0bservers, PHX 2016

I will be sharing behind the scenes footage during OTF. The community will get a unique Wellness Hero perspective as we all raise our vibration together. Sacred healing knowledge is always shared with all who ask during the conference. I am connecting the energy into the physical and raising the vibration of Observing the Frontier as WE ALL CREATE AWESOMENESS TOGETHER!

OTF video 1 ~ Day 0 (Friday 1/29/16) https://youtu.be/vbf3QKCkxX8
OTF video 2 ~ Day 1 (Sat. 1/30/16) https://youtu.be/gEU3BomYL1k
OTF video 3 ~ Day 2 (Sun 1/31/16) https://youtu.be/g5QxcMSaWWw

I will be sharing my crystals, reiki & I am vlogging all during Observing the Frontier conference in Phoenix AZ Jan 30/31 2016. Ben Davidson (Suspicious 0bserver) & I connected on my #JourneytoFreedom to support his #ObservingtheFrontier.

Vlogging the WellnessHero adventures from NY to AZ, follow the journey starting 1.24.16!
Here is the LINK to the Qi Gong we were doing for Family Frequency Friday: https://youtu.be/9zca9e7JUXM

Vlog from 1.22.16 ~ How to create AWESOMENESS, Law of Attraction: https://youtu.be/qRDxXbttLks
Vlog from 1.18.16 ~ I got caught Sledding in a NO SLEDDING area! https://youtu.be/KBfhrNsKGfw

News for Optimal Wellness (NOW Report) via Wellness Hero: https://youtu.be/l99nM4nZ6bs

I am driving from NY to AZ for #ObservingtheFrontier on 1.30/31 2016 to support Ben Davidson (Suspicious 0bservers Channel) for the conference. Vlogging from the road, recording behind the scenes action & documenting how AWESOMENESS is created is my focus!

Links to Ben Davidson/Suspicious0bservers on youtube:

Observing the Frontier Links: http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/
Learn about the Sun: http://spaceweathernews.com/

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