Want to shift Karma forever?

5 Clues That WE Are In a Karmic Relationship

1) You are playing the “Healer” and your partner is playing the “Sick One”. This corresponds to Martyr and Victim or Rescuer and Victim. Once you start playing these roles, they will continue like a computer “loop”, where the same things happen over and over and even the same words are said in arguments, like a SCRIPT.
2) You are walking on eggshells around the other person. This is an aspect of codependency that says, “My fear of your anger determines what I SAY and DO”. Therefore you alter your behavior to “keep the peace” and don’t speak your truth.
3) No matter what you do or say, it always is interpreted by your partner in a different way than you intended, thus taken personally and DRAMA ensues. Then you ENGAGE in the drama, trying to be “right”, or aggressively defend yourself for fear of being “wrong”. This cycles OVER and OVER until the Source of it, the karmic imprint, is cleared.
4) You initially believe that you found your “Soul Mate” by the extraordinary circumstances by which you encountered each other. Coincidences and synchronicities plus spiritual beliefs make it seem that it wasn’t an “accident”. Well, it WASN’T an accident, your Soul brought that person back into your life to heal the past karmic ties between you and so you can make a DIFFERENT choice so your Soul can close the book on this.
5) Your partner constantly pushes your “buttons” and you have emotional reactions. This is showing you what to CLEAR on YOURSELF. If you are reacting, it NEVER has to do with the current person or situation that re-activated the past ids and memories. Yet most likely that “past” person is the same one that is standing in front of you NOW and there are some past agreements, vows, pacts, or oaths to be cleared.
If you are tired of constant drama in your life and relationship and want to clear the Source of this PERMANENTLY, be in my training on 2.22 (which is also a FULL MOON) titled, Karmic Education 101. Learn How Karma was created in the first place and HOW TO NEVER allow it to be created again!

Karma is RELENTLESS and it is kind of like what happens when you don’t pay a bill. It doesn’t just magically disappear off of your credit report.
You will have the “collectors” calling you non-stop and you cannot hide from this.
Until you actually “make it right” and PAY that bill, it will STAY on your credit report, lowering your ability to move forward and get NEW credit.
The ACTION of sending that email to attend a FREE training on Karma could just shift your physical life forever. Now it is up to you to command the universe to align with this opportunity. WellnessHero@gmail.com


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