Karma, Full Moon and 2.22, what can be done.

I am announcing: KARMIC EDUCATION on 2.22.16 (Full Moon) : https://youtu.be/fhVeAPXMheQ

Don’t sign up, SHOW UP on TIME to make your Divine Appointment with Wellness Hero.

It is time to align with the Past, Present & Future in this NOW moment to enhance our abilities to thrive as human beings. Learn more about Karma and be in the know on how to never create it again!

What will be covered:
1. Free Will vs. Divine Right Order (Source Will)
2. How Karma affects you
3. Worst thing about Karma
4. Clearing Karma slow/fast
5. Karma plus Love & Money
6. Raise your Vibration & align with natural/universal laws
7. Opportunity to dive DEEPER into your own personal karma

Connecting with sacred knowledge about Karma and a clear connection to the layers of being that we all are allows for a FREE unique opportunity right NOW. I hope you find this exchange of info regarding Karma beneficial and as always stay hydrated my friends!


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