Does Karma exist? How can life happen with Free Will & Karma? 

I have learned that universal knowledge will only be gained via seeking it out & asking for it. I know of many who would like to learn about #Karma, so I created a FREE #KarmicEducation session…
What will be covered:

   1. Free Will vs. Divine Right Order (Source Will)

   2. How Karma affects you

   3. Worst thing about Karma 

   4. Clearing Karma slow/fast

   5. Karma plus Love & Money

   6. Raise your Vibration & align with natural/universal laws

   7. Opportunity to dive DEEPER into your own personal karma
Connecting with sacred knowledge about Karma and a clear connection to the layers of being that we all are allows for a FREE unique opportunity right NOW. I hope you find this exchange of info regarding Karma beneficial and as always stay hydrated my friends!
I am the Wellness Hero to enhance life on this planet through conscious, connected actionable content. DNA work is my connection to what is TRUE healing and living a life of abundance. Sharing my WTF Education Series & Divine DNA Education is my life’s work. 

Wellness Hero channel is where this session will be LIVE on youtube for the #FullMoon on 2.22.16 @ 7:11pm EST


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