Eclipse season starting, NEW Moon, Jupiter is closest!

Let the eclipse season begin, yet first we usher the NEW MOON energies within, through & around the planet at this time.  March is FULL of abundance with incoming cosmic flow, so are you in the know, NOW?  Yeah, knowing about an eclipse is one thing, channeling that energy from a heighten sense of awareness is “another ball of wax.”  I am here to support the remembering of what we can do, especially in this year of completion for many.  400617_279104418905584_840988609_n

Integration of anything into a “system: is always key; so for each individual, energy can be use in an unlimited sense to access SOUL ENERGY. Now being able to take on this new LIGHT into the physical body is all about GROUNDING it!  How much water do you have inside you?  Electrical currents flow EASIER within water, so those FAT CELLS are NOT good because adipose tissue CANNOT retain H20…..  Opposite of electrical connections, we have a balance of magnetic (assuming your “healthy”) energy too.

Look to the  Yin/Yang (LIGHT/DARK) or better yet, divine masculine (electric) & divine feminine (magnetic).  These opposites are the what maintains balance in the universe and within us too!

The magnetic connection to our planet below keeps us grounded via our chakra energy (soul star = 12th Dimension of being) and this “cord of energy” is the channel at which we access this higher realm of consciousness.  Guiding the flow of this LIFE FORCE is always up to an individual.

Grounding energy into the body, allows for the use of it both NOW & Later. Of course it dos become easier from my perspective to know when it is coming LIKE NOW.   Many are still in 3D consciousness, so it happens subconsciously.

Being in the know of Jupiter position in the solar system, connecting to that possible energy, integrating it into physical being, then APPLYING it for purpose is what NOW is all about for me.  I write this to share what is possible with having more LIGHT on what is taking place on a GRAND cosmic scale!

March 8/9  New Moon (moon energies are always felt for 48 hours across the planet)

Solar Eclipse (visible or not is felt world wide, as energy isn’t limited by

time/space 3D)

Release old THOUGHTS, ENERGY, FEELINGS, HABITS that do not server the person you are NOW in March 2016 at the kickoff to the eclipse season.  Letting go is how the NEW energy can come into being in an “easier” way that is more physically & gentle on the human systems.

Physical Health supports the balancing of Spiritual Health.  For example, physical activity where the HEART, BONES, MUSCLES, JOINTS are all allowed to move and push/pull energy to circulate in a more abundant way.  Using SLEEP as access to higher dimension for guidance during this heighten time of COSMIC energy.  FOOD is grounding when ROOT VEGGIES are always an excellent choice, as the body likes, whole food that “just grows that way.”  Wellness Hero calls them, one ingredient wonders!

The bottom line is this, with it being 2016, it’s about ‘TIME’ that we on the surface of this planet KNOW about COSMIC ALIGNMENTS (like Juipter), Lunar Cycles (New Moon) & FULL Solar Eclipses in reference to what opportunities open up during these Cyclic Patterns.

ACTION, FEELINGS and filtering everything through HEART CONSCIOUSNESS is a choice in any given NOW moment.

Live enthusiastically my friends and stay hydrated!


Wellness Hero


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