Equinox, Eclispes, Full Moon Manifestations.

March is full of cosmic opportunities, so being in the know is all about what actions are being engaged!  Knowing in 2016 is laughable, for where we place our physical manifestation is accelerating our path each season change.

Actions can be previously thought forms resonating from your Soul (starting at Heart Chakra energy center and above) Identitiy (4D-6D).  Having a full array of power encompassing around the planet NOW, gives us abundance of enhanced life moments. ALL of our beings right NOW are in the cycle of the year where opportunity is EVERYWHERE!  Do you feel this as SPRING/FALL seasons are trickling in?

Applying the FEELINGS of awesomeness or more like using the Law of Attraction to harness the TRUE inner feelings is what NOW is all about. Joy, Bliss, Harmony, Happiness, Oneness, Love, are all created from a different focus, meaning from higher energy centers above the 3D. The body, mind, soul or Being, WILL & Spirit are all about being UNIFIED within each of us,  Are you listening to your TRUE SELF right now about Life’s purpose or Soul’s Mission?

Equinox helps us ALL, the balance that Gaia (Earth) is taking on right NOW with equal LIGHT in both N & S hemispheres is all about being equal.  Using both upper & lower energy fields can command the body to create the TRUE FEELINGS that stem from LOVE (Living One VibrationIMG_1562.JPG Energy) and above. As I the Wellness Hero likes to point out, NOW is all you have….

Live Enthusiastically and stay hydrated my friends,

Nameste ~ Wellness Hero



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