Lunar Eclipse ~ FULL MooN ~ Vernal Equinox Energies and Grounding Practices!

Wellness Hero

IMG_6279We are currently in-between two powerful eclipses (Sun & Moon) on the Planet at this time. The recent passing of a powerful Solar Eclipse (3.20.15 Solar Eclipse Guide) and the now approaching Lunar Eclipse (4.4.15 Lunar Eclipse Viewing Times/Date)  creates a window of opportunity for our new paradigm of what are life can create. The magnitude of these cosmic events from the Divine Masculine Energies coming down from the Heavens onto our Mother Gaia (Earth) with her Divine Feminine Energies.

Even if you have never noticed an eclipse or are an avid follower of the Moon & Eclipse Cycles; these past few weeks have been clearing out so much old “stuff” that no longer serves us individually or the Globe collectively. One does not need to physically see the eclipse to feel its mighty effects. Back on March 17th all humanity was asked to give heart felt FORGIVENESS,

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