Cosmic window, Human energy & Full Moon (eclipse too!) NOW!

How do we get our energy as Humans?  Where does it come from?  Why do we feel refreshed in the AM from sleeping all night?  If you do not, then that is a tell sign of a blockage within your body.  Read on…. How do our feelings influence our bodies?  Which thoughts cause EASE, which ones cause DisEASE?  What is the relationship to Emotional Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Social Health with all the interwoven parts influencing each other?   How can we develop our thoughts to influence our bodies in POWERFUL ways to heal or be healthy?

If a person has asked these questions before or they feel important right now then pay attention.  Over the next several days ALL my posts will be about the HUMAN CHAKRAS for they could provide support for living more in balance with you body then you ever imagined.  If you are not familiar about your Chakras then these blog posts are for you and I would subscribe right now to be sure to be in tuned as this supports a healthy lifestyle of WELLNESS!
The simple answer to the above questions is the human energy system referred to as the Chakras is very valuable to work with.  Of course we are already working with it, just maybe in more subconscious ways verse direct influence to ENHANCE the ENERGY. Energy & being Mulit-Dimensional is who you are and what you have created with being HUMAN. Every person can do work on their energy system, yet the consciousness of being in tune to working with it is profound!  Hence why it is often referred to as “New Age” work.   Traditionally, we focus on the 7 Chakras that are within and through the human body, yet as a human goes deeper into consciousness and it becomes much more vast then just 7… the universe just like you, is expanding NOW…

We are now feeling the effects of Full Moon energy (3.22.16) and w/ a penumbral eclipse too!  Awesomeness to you to enhance your Chakras with this beautiful cosmic window!


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