Physically grounding Spiritual/Cosmic Full Moon & Eclipse Energy.

What does it mean to be grounded? Their are so many grounding techniques and they only work if you apply them. Now, especially with the FULL MOON right after an Eclipse with ushering in the Vernal Equinox it will be critical to pay attention to what your body is telling you. 055.JPG

When the ECLIPSED Moon is felt by the Earth through casting its shadow by blocking the SUN is a sacred time for people to be grounded. Daily practice is best, do as many as your feel comfortable with and diversity is the key, not to much of anyone, as that creates an imbalance. Remember the idea is to circulate this energy around the body through flow and harmony.

Here are some grounding technique ideas….

Being rooted in your Physical HEALTH choices is always a great grounding focus. For PHYSICAL HEALTH engaging in whole food (especially dark greens & ROOT VEGGIES) that are plant based like seeds, nuts, & beans. These are amazing protein packed foods with all that healthy fat too!

2. Drink more Water, water, water…best to limit things that are removing WATER from our system like high processed foods with lots of Sodium (Salt) and Alcohol as well. Sugar is NOT recommended during this time of LIGHT energy as digesting sugar disrupts our energy system of the Chakras.

3. Practicing quality sleep with a ritual or routine before bed will set the tone for allowing the body & mind adequate rest. Sleep creates an automatic connection to your HIGHER SELF (Spirit). The Body & Mind are at ease during sleep where the Spirit can bring wonderful messages in dreams and allow rest/recovery/repair of the physical body too! Having quality sleep creates balance of the metabolism for a smooth flow of energy throughout the day.

4. Move that body with physical activity that supports all areas of personal fitness. Exerting muscular strength and endurance, creating range of motion for the joints with Flexibility and getting that Heart/Lung worked up with Cardio all create quality exercise.

Have you created a life where these are common place weekly or monthly? Well, right now more then ever GROUNDING with SPIRITUAL Exercise like combining Meditation for increased mindfulness into moving.


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