DNA Programming, dimensions of consciousness.

How much do you know about your self? Where did your belief systems stem from? How often are you challenging your own beliefs or is the program you run/follow a result of believing what others have told you? Why didn’t your family, friends, school, state or country teach you about being human, more specifically how to get in touch with your SOUL energy?100_7181

Basic fundamental functions of being human, is creating a clearing channel to communicate with our OWN higher self (soul identity) ….

Breathing styles, techniques, power all with various patterns of using the breath
Wellness, how to practice it, apply it and support it during all the stages of our life
The human energetic system of the Chakras (feeling centers)

The bottom line is this, I am the Wellness Hero and my purpose is to share basic, fundamental knowledge about being human and what empowers each of us to develop our hidden talents within our own body.

What happens when we start to tap the potential of the energy within, through and around the human body?

We become healthier in all dimensions of Wellness…

Our relationships grow stronger bonds and we attract more like minded individuals

Each human is born representing the LOVE of creation. It is time to remember who we are, connect to what we ALL have access too and activate our mind/body/spirit to harness our full potential of why we are living life right here and now.
I am creating connections for everyone to be well and practice healthy habits. Being you and focusing on what is important to your own being is magical. For when we are focused within our own being and practicing consciousness of life, the outside world aligns with what we are internally creating.

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