DNA Programming happening NOW!

If you still think that Western Governments aren’t controlled by a shadow order, such as the banking dynasty, then you’re still an engineered advocate for the control system. We also say sheep, yet many individuals will counter and make statements like they are ‘awake,’ yet are deeply plugged into a false life of NOT engaging the power that is within. Engaging the power of being human certainly requires a direct relationship of the Electro-Magnetic currents that run within, through and around our bodies.angel

In fact, many beliefs about the world are most likely false. It is challenging to connect to TRUTH that is being displayed in the third dimension of consciousness. No matter if you look at your philosophical or systemic beliefs, you’ve been purposely dumbed down by the matrix media to endorse a series of false narratives that perpetuate a system designed for the benefit of a few.

You’re not alone though, so don’t freak out; most politicians, doctors, teachers, academics, journalists and fellow human beings are not aware of their own perceptual and economic enslavement too. By participation, one is upholding the exact system in place. Energetically speaking, anyone who “riffs” the system often is faced by backlash from those around us. Going against the grain of “how it works and hard work pays off,” continues the rat race till one dies and another replaces it. Once you truly accept that the beliefs you have are either inaccurate or incomplete, you then need to begin a process of reprogramming yourself to awaken to the deeper truths of your world (like all of us need to do).

Your DNA is waiting to be programmed with your next thought form. Will it be from your SOUL identity (4th-6th Dimensions of being) or the same old 3D program that has been playing out for thousands of lifetimes?

And it’s easy too, once you put your pride to the side (EGO) and choose to ASCEND your consciousness up the multi-dimensions of ‘thinking’ (aka consciousness). Only the physical world will tell you LIES, yet your INNER WISDOM knows much differently and that is the game changer. Using your divine power to access the higher levels of ENERGY that science deemed “junk” DNA.

If you want to unplug from the Matrix, it is TIME then to PLUG into the HIGHER aspects of your SOUL level thinking patterns. I am here to support the SELF empowerment of others, as ONLY you can MAKE TRUE CHANGE. This permanent change in SELF Identity is done by YOU on the QUANTUM LEVEL of your human BEING. This is the beginning…I am the Wellness Hero.

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