Towers and Turrets: Children’s Education on the Spirit Planes

I am on a path to create a place of education to rediscover our Mystery School style of sharing! Currently in Rochester, NY, I am calling out for help, support and connection!!! The best thing about the Universe is I do not know how to do this, yet my soul has been calling for it and my 8 times around the Sun, Crystal Child deserves the right, as he develops his abilities. I am on Day 1 of creating this into physical realm and am asking for others to join me! Nameste with love, light & laughter to ALL!

Karma Yoga Daily

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

What are children taught in spirit schools? An unnamed spirit communicator gives us a fascinating glimpse into their curriculum:

“Besides learning all about the universe and other worlds, about their kingdoms under God’s rule, [the children] are taught lessons of unselfishness and truth and honour.”  (1)

So the divine qualities plus the Divine Plan plus extraterrestrial civilizations, perhaps like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromendans and Arcturians, our ancestors from deep space.  Definitely not Watch Spot Run.

In what earthly school, including home-schools, do children learn these subjects?

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