4 Stories of AMAZING & Diverse Healing focuses via Wellness Hero

The stories of healing are NOW piling up via Wellness Hero. I have 100% results on ALL levels when applying REIKI as a healing tool. Now in the last 3 days more than 10 clients of mine have connected back and shared some AMAZING outcomes! I feel blessed to share a bit more of their story for healing.
This is also to make a connection to EVERYONE who has PAIN, DisEASE, Illness, is Sick or doesn’t FEEL 100%. Universal Life Force enhancements only works because they all ASKED me for SUPPORT with Energy work. The AWESOME point is, 6 of the 10 were NEW clients and NEVER had experience REIKI HEALING before. That took a huge leap of faith on their part and TRUSTED the process for what a healing session could do with Wellness Hero.

Here are 4 RESULTS based examples on HOW Wellness Hero Reiki worked for them!

1. He complained of severe pain in the lower back, very hard to move without discomfort. After balancing the CHAKRAS, applying Crystals & Sound frequencies to support the rate at which LIFE FORCE moves within, through and around his body. His circulation INCREASED, the Tension was ALLOWED to move out of his back and this was CO-CREATED by me simply using my MAIN Service as Wellness Hero ~ REIKI Healing Session (Chakra Balancing, Relaxation 101). Feeling better is always available via Reiki. Reiki balances our Physical Health

2. She felt like a prisoner in her family. Speaking her internal truth to most family member was challenging and had created her to be stressed, sick & exhausted. After one session, this powerful women had shifted that lower frequency of self! When we connected 2 weeks after her session she was beyond HAPPY about sharing what she had done! Imagine going 3 years of NOT sharing what is in your HEART to a parent, then to only ask a stranger (Wellness Hero) for support and allowing the TRUST of the process to be. Amazing to speak your TRUTH from your (5th Dimension, Throat Chakra) SOUL ENERGY! She also stated she has cleared up even more communication after her follow up session too! Reiki balances our Emotional and Social Health

3. Another Reiki Master ASKED for a healing session. He had been battling a respiratory infection for 5 weeks, extreme physical exhaustion, even stopped work for 2 weeks and was at a very low point in all aspects of WELLNESS. It is always a BLESSING to share what we do and NOW to have EXTRA support! During his session he was FEELING “more hands” on him then I have; not to get to deep into energy, but we all have “angels” who are supporting us as well. Of course we must ASKED them for SUPPORT, for asking allows us to receive it! Later that day he texted me that HUGE levels of Energy had occurred and within his AURA he still felt the presence of the healing taking place! He physical was relieved of all symptoms within a week. Reiki balances Mental Health

4. This last example is about FORGIVENESS. A very powerful focus point to ask for HELP on and REIKI is amazing support for all levels of being HUMAN. He was self identifying that a BLOCKAGE of energy has been created through FEELINGS that are unbecoming of his true self. A gentleman ask for help on healing his heart. He felt he lost the sacred connection to his wife (who past on to spirit) because he had connected with feelings of love for another women. With these new experiences of interacting, he shared “I feel I am sabotaging my new relationship because I am being dishonest to my wife.” I shared how we could engage these feelings from an ENERGY perspective and the steps it would take both together in session and on his OWN. This process was a totally new experience for him, as “talking and sharing feelings” wasn’t something he was accustom to do. I feel this example is beyond powerful, maybe because I have all the details, yet the energy that surrounds forgiveness is a launching pad to where we want to be as people. Balanced, Happy, Feeling Amazing and sharing our life with loved ones (past & present equally). Reiki balances our Spiritual Health
It is a HUGE reward for me to share a few stories of HEALING for I am grateful to be sharing my soul’s mission. For the rest of APRIL 2016 I am offering buy one session, get one free. Message me for details, WellnessHero@gmail.com

Remote Healing (via Skype/Facetime) Worldwide works the same as physical session together in the same room (Rochester, NY). We can all use more BALANCE in our lives to FOCUS on what is most important to us. Active relaxation creates feelings of BLISS, not just feeling better, yet ENHANCING your life force!


Wellness Hero

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