Chakra balancing and feeling better!

As part of sharing the awesomeness of my 39th trip around the #Sun, #WellnessHero is offering #bogo on Chakra Balancing which creates the most AMAZING feelings of relaxation & EASE! Which is the complete opposite of disEASE; seriously yall, when is the last time you cleansed your Aura (chakra energy system) & felt awesome?! Chakra balancing will often be with a person longer then a week, as removing lower vibes and blockages from our system (energy & physical) allows the life force to flow more easily. Pain is often let go of as the power of #Reiki #violetflame & #HolyFire infuse balance into the body. 2, one hour sessions is now only $77, must purchase before May 2nd for #bogo via PayPal to 


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