My birthday wish & Sun trip #39 complete!!!

Riding the Earth during my 39th trip around the SUN has been a true blessing! The connections to others, sharing the life force of LOVE, feeling the beauty within, through & around us ALL has been amazing to experience each & every day!

I am all about sharing my GIFT to support others on connecting to their SOUL energy (Spiritual Health) to be the most powerful person you can be! Reading the Human Energy field to support others on optimal wellness took me a while to connect. All to often I was unsure of my ability and NEVER did it for WORK…

Today, May 2nd is my BIRTHDAY!!! It is my wish to share this gift with others, so can you help me? I am asking to connect with YOU or someone you FEEL would benefit from an ENERGY BOOST, simply a person you know who would like to FEEL better.

My dream is to CONNECT others to the POWER within them. WE ALL have “gifts” from god to come on this planet and support a thriving life! A session with #WellnessHero would CHANGE both our lives forever…#Reiki #QiGong #ChakraBalancing #AuricClearing #SoulReading all BRING the connections to FEEL better, both during and AFTER each session. Create an appointment to connect to the ENERGY for OPTIMAL relaxation and SELF healing.

Purchase a session this week and I will make you a special BDAY offer….WellnessHero@gmail.comIMG_6427


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