We Can Turn Your Home/Property Into a Life-Enhancing Haven

Can you make a DREAM come true?

Handstands & Jalapenos

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If you’ve ever thought about how difficult it can be to live sustainably and responsibly within modern US culture, then this offer might resonate with you. We are looking to partner with someone who shares our interest in cultivating rich life experiences through living a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle in harmony with the earth; essentially we want a place to nourish our souls, express our true selves, and create abundance. This is a unique and non-traditional opportunity and we are open to collaborating in creative ways that will be mutually beneficial.

  • Do you have a small farm, land, or at least an acre to rent/bestow/share (in Western New York)?
  • Do you own a second home, suite, bungalow, cabin, or cottage that is vacant, needs to be brought back to life, or just needs a caretaker?
  • Are you seeking a live-in/out caretaker to assist with the responsibility of maintaining a large house/estate?
  • Are you interested in…

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