Reiki Certification, Enhance Self Healing

Self Care is the HARDEST

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Reiki Online via Wellness Hero YouTube (Private videos) & physically on Gaia in Rochester, NY.

Link to Classes & SIGN UP:

Here is a short, simple video that describes what is Reiki, yet learning this in class is it is all about as well as how to apply Universal Life Force (Reiki) energy and engaging the Chakra Energy Centers of the body. :

Here are the dates for my Reiki I certification class and it is 8 hours of session time divided over 3 days. These sessions are ONLINE & at my house in Rochester, NY.

Jan.~ 1/11 6:30-9:30 pm,
1/12 6:30-9pm *New Moon Energies and
1/13 6:30-8:30pm *vegetarian feeding included


Feb.~ 2/9-2/11 (times to be announced) * New Moon Energies

Cost for Usui Reiki I Certification with Wellness Hero is $164 (book included)

Reiki II (12 hours of session time) is $222 and is the same book from Reiki I or included if student does not have it.

Purchase both Reiki I & II at same time and it save $53 off your dual certification. Reiki I & II combo is $333 and dates for level II will be completed within 6 months of level one class dates.

A private class can be arrange according to your schedule and I could come to your house for additional cost.

Any Reiki Certification with Wellness Hero provides full access to all future classes (reiki public) for free. For example this month I have 3 former students joining my Reiki I Certification class at no charge and they completed their certification months ago. You can retake your certification session as often as I offer it which typically is 4 times a year. This is a great way to refresh and reconnect if you haven’t been practicing with Reiki.

Unsi Reiki is the official title and the governing body is Reiki Members Association (RMA), the only international governing body and it was created by William Rand (the book for class is by him).

Feel free to call or email me back your thoughts on what class fits your feelings. I look forward to connecting deeper on this, gratitude. When you are ready, you can simply use PayPal to sign up. SELECT Friends/Family option for transferring money and in comments state which option/class/session you are signing up for.

Live enthusiastically,
Brian Lucchesi

Link to Sign up:

Wellness Hero is enhancing life on this planet through connected actionable content. Join along in the videos to feel your own vibe while engaging the practice of life. Programming DNA is my connection to what is TRUE healing and living a life of abundance. Sharing my Wellness Truth Finally Education Series is my life’s work.

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