Only YOU can HEAL yourself, here is how it works…

This is how we find our purpose in life, by connecting to the deeper us and allow TRUE FEELINGS to surface in our bodies of what no longer serves us on the path to our life’s experiences. The Law of Attraction is about FEELING something before it is PHYSICALLY there for the body to experience.  SOUL or ENERGY CENTERS (Chakras) of the body are activated into a higher frequency through the connection of body, heart, mind (will) and spirit.  Only an individual can unify the BODY, HEART, WILL & SPIRIT to ultimately create an ENERGY channel for balancing ANY DisEASE the body may have experienced.  Those who can access this INTERNAL ability, create FOCUS patterns on the ENERGY part of being a human BEING. Knowing how to connect to your Spiritual Health, always starts with generating a FEELING that currently isn’t been felt.  L of A 101.  Ah, so simple it is to change anything we want, yet we always don’t have the individual focus to create this unification to enhance healing within, through and around the body.

What do I mean by healing? Simple, healing is a FREQUENCY of being. It can be releasing the old (thought forms, identities, discarnets, beliefs, occupants, lifestyle habits, daily & weekly patterns, paradigms) in the area a person seeks to advance life experiences. Only when the old has been release can the universe bring in the new, just has the new bed will not fit into your bedroom until the old bed is out. So, when the old is healed, meaning it no longer serves you, it will NOT be apart of your thought forms, the NEW will come rushing in.

Yes, this often requires the support of others; aligning your healing with experts in that area will provide valuable guidance. The body will only heal, what the mind allows it too. And as always, your thoughts create the reality you experience and only embrace what you feel is best for you. Your soul will NOT allow the body to experience something it was not meant to experience, so in reality you can do no harm because you soul and higher self are always guiding you. Key is, are you “listening” to your own self and when does this communication happen?  Its more then meditation, it allowing UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE to be directed by you to do one thing, simply feel better about life.

As I progress with my story of this life and upon my true calling aligned with soul’s purpose, life feels AMAZING. Of course my BODY limits this at a moments notice, as I am connected to my higher self, for it is with this connection that I am most in tune with my purpose and connected to feelings that only I create. From the connection with my higher self, I am able to heal, I am creative, more loving, very happy, super connected to GOD within me and ALWAYS present in the NOW moment.

From this DEEP connection within; its all about the individual, whatever that person desires to have. Once this process of HEALING is established, the flow of the universe if FELT on a whole new dimension of consciousness.  The living life force that we are and our abilities to both transmit and receive ENERGY from the environment around us is profound. Of course it is always limited by the eyes of the view, the PERSON that we have created to be for this lifetime.

Do you want to HEAL more about what you are experiencing in this lifetime?  I have created both TIME/SPACE to certify others into this amazing SELF CARE practice of FELLING BETTER.  Follow me Learn about Life Force ENERGY




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