What are AGES? Aquarius, Pisces Zodiac alignments explained.

What is the Age of Aquarius?


The Age of Aquarius is the current astrological age in the procession of the equinox. That is the sun’s position on the March equinox is in the astrological sign Aquarius. This shifts approximately every 2150 years.


What does it mean for you?  What is the Aquarian Fire?IMG_2256


In the Age of Pisces (the last ~2150 years), duality and contrast influenced the collective consciousness. Civilization was plagued by war, famine, and greed. Although we evolved, humanity believed itself to be separate from God and one another. Choices were made on an individual basis based on individual needs (selfish thinking). Because of this perceived separation from God, humanity thought they needed others(s) to interact with God on their behalf (Jesus Christ, angels, etc.). They perceived themselves as not worthy of God’s Love which increased the perception of separation.


In the Age of Aquarius, unity and community rule the collective consciousness. We are making choices based many other factors besides our own personal needs or the needs of our closest loved ones. Teachers are students and students are teachers. We are open to learning from everyone. We also see everyone as an element of God and ourselves. It is everything that has been preached about since the beginning of the previous age, but this time humanity is finally connecting to it properly. Unity, equality, and love rule.


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