Pedogate petition, demonstration Support.

Awareness starts by sharing and that is something I was never good at. Others that I shared with either laughed, didn’t get it, made fun of me or physically broke the thing I was sharing with them. I have changed and am sharing in paradigm shifting ways.  So now its 2017, and I am sharing this petition to get signatures. Its from the White House, and I am bringing my son with me for support. He is an amazing sharer and such a great road trip companion. The road trip is this journey from Rochester, NY to our Nation’s capital; Washington, DC where an organized rally to demonstrate the need for the US Gov’t to either explain what they have been investigating or initiate a formal investigation into the allocations of #PEDOGATE. Seriously, I have never done anything like this before and I am off to interview those who organized this grass roots effort to expose a world wide pedofile organization that is rooted in DC…

Here is a link to resources on this subject as I feel this is completely a grassroots effort by the people. This is why I am asking for support & help as I stand up to demonstrate with others for our civic duty to do so when we feel called. I can physically show up to both 0bserver, contribute, interact with love and interview the scene that will take place on March 25th 2017 in Washington DC’s Lafayette Park.  Video on Pedogate Rally ~ White House Petition

Donate NOW ~ Support the awareness of the interviews at March 25th Rally/Demonstration here:



PayPal to support, copy & paste one of the links to your browser:
$5 ~ Donate Five dollars
$10 ~ Donate Ten dollars
$20 ~ Donate Twenty dollars
Other ~ Donate Any Amount

Petition the White House ~ WH Link


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