Once in a lifetime, Full Solar Eclipse story happening now…

Being an eclipse chaser is something that recently entered my consciousness. It is not in every lifetime that a rare spectacle takes place AND be able to have an opportunity to see it physically. It is a special time during this eclipse season, as the New Moon will be lining up perfectly, meaning the moon will be at one of two special nodes (or positions in relation to the Sun/Earth). IMG_2684
What a blessing for North America on 8.21.17 as this EPIC timing to align with both the energy around this event and the ability to be in the direct path as it crosses 14 states! Yes, this is significant and RARE, as being able to stand in the path of Totality is the best place to 0bserver! Totality is where the “Black Sun” appears from the surface of our planet, as the Moon casts its shadow on Gaia and blocks the daytime sun light. Stars and other Planets will become visible under a clear sky (no clouds)! Sounds, Temperature, and Animals ALL start doing OPPOSITE behaviors because of the darkness!
This shadow is only 60-70 miles across in diameter and is traveling over thousand miles per hour from west (starting in Pacific Ocean and crossing into OR) to east (ending in SC before going out into Atlantic Ocean). In most places the Full Eclipse will only last 2 minutes!
The energy surrounding this cosmic event influenced me more then a year ago to start to focus and create the following:

  1. A unity MEDITATION, to both connect and activate for alignment with these incoming energies. This will take place at a specific time on 8.21.17 and more details about this Global Consciousness event can be found here:
  2. Connecting others to LINKS and RESOURCES to both learn and educate about what is really happening with the Full Totality Solar Eclipse. Sharing cool tools, charts, maps and visualization stuff here: Click Now
  3. Documenting what Wellness Hero is doing, like adding solar panels to my car via sharing Videos/Blogs/Social Media posts (before, during and post Eclipse), like this one! I am traveling from NY to SC using only Solar Power for all personal electronic devices. Preview #SolarSubaru #EclipseObserving
  4. Giving away a Herkimer Diamond that was created 350-400 Million Years Ago and will be apart of a healing crystal grid during the Eclipse Event (New Moon energies). It will be raffled off for FREE to one subscriber on Wellness Hero youtube channel. During the eclipse what is described as a “diamond ring” appears as the Moon almost completely encompasses the Sun, well I am calling it a Herkimer Diamond Ring and donating this GEM to a lucky Follower, check out that video here:

Gratitude for connecting there on the blog/vlog, as always my friends, stay HYDRATED and live ENTHUSIASTICALLY, have blessings on your day, Namaste.

SHARE, LIKE, Say Wonderful Day and smile!!!


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