The TRUE 5 parts of Health.

To simply put, wellness happens in a person by balancing the five parts of personal health. This isn’t something that occurs one day and its done. The main focus is balance. Just like when life throws a BROKEN LEG at you (like it did to a friend of mine last week when we were hiking) one day, that will take some time to balance back from! Now that is an extreme physical health example, yet isn’t our emotional and mental health fields of energy being bombarded from both digital exposure and low level frequencies such as Radio waves and Microwaves? That is another blog or ten…so here are the parts/dimensions that support human WELLNESS!

The 5 Parts of Health:

1. Mental Health –  practicing continued growth and learning to deal with new challenges effectively. The key word here is NEW, and with knowing the only constant in life is CHANGE! Being open to NEW ideas, concepts and beliefs from others is the first step in practicing this aspect of wellness. A poor example of mental health would be, “Thinking we know everything!”
2. Social Health –  practicing to interact successfully with people within one’s personal environment.  This is NOT digital (social media stuff), this involves physically showing up to time and space events. This includes tolerance for those with different opinions and beliefs. Sharing in customs, culture and courtesies are a few ways of how a person can practice quality social health.
3.  Emotional Health –  The ability to interpret feelings as they apply to a life situation (any now moment) and behaving in alignment with the core aspect of self. Sharing feelings appropriately and comfortably is vital to practicing emotional health.   Translating how we feel into words and actions is the essence of this aspect of wellness To experience life’s ups and down with grace and enthusiasm while practice gratitude. For gratitude works in all dimensions of emotional health.
4. Physical Health -The ability to carry out daily tasks that maintain and support the development of the 5 components of fitness. cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength & endurance, and a healthy body composition. Also under the realm of physical health is being HYDRATED, sleep, personal hygiene, SELF CARE and practicing routine medical check ups, not to mention Nutrition too! This is the part of health that gets a lot of attention and where most focus on for creating change with the body.

5. Spiritual Health – Having a belief in a greater good and value the practice of purpose for this lifetime. The spirit is the energy that is invisible in the LIGHT spectrum that we see with our human eyes. The etheric plane of existence is where energy becomes physical, a great example of practicing spiritual health is by using the breath. This life force connection with the in/out flow of breathing ‘air’ is the ultimate tool for enhancing personal WELLNESS! The energy in the 02 transfers into our body and we use this life force all day everyday, whether we are conscious or unconcious. Our collective spirit on the energy planes of existence (what oneness is from LOVE) guides us on this journey into balancing wellness.

The most vital connection to be made is that Wellness is when all of these are in BALANCE! Wellness happens when Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social Health are in optimal unification. Each of these individual parts is connected to the other. All are interwoven into the fabric that makes up daily life on this sacred planet. How are all the parts of health connected and interwoven? They co-exist with both a wave and particle frequency, just as the colors of the rainbow unify as one in the sky or on a wall (projected from a crystal). There is an overlap of color holding each one to the other. Our body as a whole, is a tool for practicing these connections for what they mean to us individually.

Wellness Hero is sharing this for all the wellness heroes out there. All to often in the past, I was asked to isolate a part of wellness for positive behavior change. That is literally like assembling an engine with only one kind of tool, wouldn’t that be crazy and maddening?! That is why I created Wellness Hero brand, to integrate all dimensions of wellness with my life’s work.

So, how are you FEELING today? Please share your wellness answer below with a comment from your heart (4D), gratitude for doing that! Thank you for being here, have blessings on your day, Namaste !!!

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