Who’s going to Anarchapulco for some Libertarian, Anarchy awesomeness?

Its the 5th Annual Anarchapulco Summit that comprises many topics/focuses to support humans thriving on this planet!!! Right now it cost $545 for one ticket from Anarchapulco. The reason for this post, is I have two cheaper tickets for sale, through official authorized transfer methods. Simply put, if you want to save, I only have two tickets left @ $100 off and I am accepting crypto or paypal

To get the official tickets transferred into your name; Contact WellnessHero@gmail.com , I go by B.W. and am selling two tickets to Anarchapulco for $100 off. The deadline is less then 11 days before all transfer of tickets is closed.

I hope we can help each other? Gratitude for sharing this post to spread the word about getting a discount ticket for Anarchapulco in Acapulco Mexico in February 2019

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