ANARCHAPULCO transfer ticket, discount ~ LAST DAY sale!!!

Ticket transfer

Here are the details of the two tickets I am selling for direct, official transfer for Anarchapulco this month.
Selling each ticket for $50 off, for $495 a ticket. Last day for me to officially transfer these tickets is 2.8.19 (tomorrow)
Send $990 to Paypal or $990 to one of My Crypto Wallet to purchase both tickets and THEN EMAIL ME TO CONFIRM.
Paypal (using Friends/Family option for NO FEE) to my Email
Crypto Wallets:
Bitcoin (BTC):1K9JAm88fbREckficg8G8u6oYTQFAHe9AA
Etherium (ETH): 0xa92a9773971a1E35943dd354c3c01A2276F67e1E
LiteCoin (LTC): LXWkzX8VuU16wBMoaVwa67uCe8Qya9orwt

Tickets are valid for whole the conference (2/13-2/17), just like buying from them, yet discounted by me. Tickets will be transferred into your name (s) upon receipt of payment. A digital image of the ticket number and barcode will be emailed to you by me after payment received and then you can pick up your tickets in your name at the venue.

All physical tickets are issued there by Anarchopolco and official transfers like this are the only way at this point in time for getting a discounted ticket.

Respectfully yours,
B.W. Lucchesi

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